Yaboychamoy's Favorite Bundle

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Yaboychamoy has curated a bundle of his 5 favorite candies covered in our famous Chamoy sauce!

YaBoy's Favorites includes:

  • 1 8oz Chamoy Gushers- everyone's favorite chamoy candy, GUSHERS! The sweet and chewy gummy candies are the perfect match for chamoy. You first get a bite of the tangy chamoy, then you get a burst of sweet filling from the gushers. 
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Red Sour Belts- if you like sour candy and strawberries, this is the choice for you. The tangy chamoy paired with the sourness layer on the outside and the sweet strawberry belt is amazing.
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Peach Rings- The runner up to the chamoy gushers. These chewy and sweet peach rings are a fan favorite. First you get that tangy layer of chamoy, then you get a sweet peachy flavored gummy candy
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Gummy Bears- Who doesn't love a good gummy bear. Paired with chamoy, it will have you craving for more. When you taste that chamoy and the sweet flavor from the chewy bear, you are going to want to order all over again. 
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Sour Punch Straws- these sour straws are no joke to play with. just like the belts, they are sour, but have three different flavors. You get apple, blue raspberry and strawberry all in one container!