Yagirlchamoy's Favorite Bundle

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Yagirlchamoy has curated a bundle of her 5 favorite candies covered in our famous Chamoy sauce! 

YaGirl's Favorites includes:

  • 1 8oz Chamoy Gushers- everyone's favorite chamoy candy, GUSHERS! The sweet and chewy gummy candies are the perfect match for chamoy. You first get a bite of the tangy chamoy, then you get a burst of sweet filling from the gushers. 
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Spicy Mango Gummy- if your a spice and mango lover, your looking at the perfect candy to light up your day. The perfect blend of a mango gummy filled with a soft spicy jelly. Pair it with the chamoy and you will be wanting more.
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Peach Rings-  The runner up to the chamoy gushers. These chewy and sweet peach rings are a fan favorite. First you get that tangy layer of chamoy, then you get a sweet peachy flavored gummy candy
  • 1 8oz Chamoy Sour Gummy Worms- Who doesn't like a classic gummy worm, but we take these gummy worms to a new level by adding our tangy chamoy sauce that enhances the flavor from zero to a hundred.
  • 1 8oz Skittles Enchilados- These skittles get coated in a light layer of chamoy, then is dusted with a sweet and salty enchilados powder. First you get a salty taste from the powder, then you get the sweet and crunchy skittle.