Hand Crafted Chamoy Candy

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Hobby turned online sensation

We started out doing this for fun then we realized we can help create those special moments you can share.

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Crafted With Love

We start by using a homemade chamoy recipe passed down to me by my grandmother and customize the flavors to our liking.


Then we pick whatever candy and other confectionaries we like and coat them with the chamoy sauce.

We drizzle the chamoy sauce over the sweets and mix until every morsel is evenly coated. Then we let them hang out until the flavors meld.


Once the flavors have combined and the chamoy has set, we pack 'em nice and tight and they're yours for the taking!

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Hear from our customers

“I absolutely loved them and use the rim dip for a lot of things. Absolutely love it. Thank you guys so much, I’ll definitely be ordering more. “

— Allie Thomas

Hear from our customers

"I got the gushers party pack spicy and not disappointed at all. I will definitely order again and again."

- María Rivera

Hear from our customers

I am officially addicted. I have ordered twice now and will be stocking up when things come back in stock. The gushers are amazing!

- Kristen L