Chamoy Pickle Kit

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This chamoy pickle kit contains all the best candies to help make an amazing chamoy pickle. Get as creative as you would like! There are so many different ways you can use each piece of candy to elevate your chamoy pickle.

Each Chamoy pickle kit will contain:

2- Latex Free Gloves - with all the sticky candies and takis powder, some gloves help you stay a little clean and not have to worry about the mess all over your hands

1 - Chamoy Pickle - a pickle that is red and flavored chamoy. Gives it a perfect balance of crunchy, sweet, and tangy. Use any of the candies that are included with this pickle to stuff, wrap or drench the pickle in more chamoy. You can always just eat the pickle by itself and save the extra candies for the side.

1 - 1oz Takis Bag - the best hot chip to pair with the chamoy pickle. If your looking for that crunch factor, cut a hole in the middle of the pickle, and stuff it with as many takis as you please. Not only does it make it more crunchy, but it also gives it a perfect flavor of spice to add that kick.

1 - Lucas Salsagheti - if your looking for sweet and salty, this is the candy you are looking for. These gummy like candy that are cut into short spaghetti like noodles with a sweet and salty chile coat on the outside. Just like the takis, you can cut open the middle of your pickle and stuff them with some salsaghetis. Pair it with the takis, your getting a crunchy, spicy, salty and sweet pickle bite that is unresistable. 

1 - Lucas Muecas - this one of a kind candy has a sweet and salty chile that you dip with a hard like ring pop that you can put on your finger. You can use the chile that is in the bottom of the container to drizzle on you pickle bite or you can just dip you hard candy and give it a lick. 

1 - 1oz Gusher Pack - if there is one candy that is amazing with a chamoy pickle, it is gushers. These are fruit size bites that have a gooey liquid in the middle. When you bite into it, the liquid gushes in your mouth giving you and sweet delight. Cut a hole in the middle of your pickle and stuff them inside to give it a sweet pop when you bite. You can always enjoy them on the side.

1 - Fruit Roll Up - a fruit roll up is a fruit gelatin the is flat like a paper and sweet like fruit. You can use this to wrap your pickle in to give it a sweet fruit flavor. You can also freeze it for a few minute, and it turns from soft to crunchy! 

1 - Fruit by The Foot - this is the same as a fruit roll up, but instead it is about 1 inch wide and about 3 feet long. You can also use this to wrap up you pickle like a mummy, giving it a sweet fruity flavor.

1 - Lucas Gusano - this is a chamoy flavored liquid that is squeezed out a little bottle. You can use this on your chamoy or any other candy to give it more of a chamoy flavor. Just squeze the little bottle and liquid will squirt out the tip. 

1 - Cucharon Spoon - This is a tamarind flavored candy that is placed on a spoon. You can eat this by itself to give a nice salty and sweet flavor of tamarindo. Then you can use the spoon to help carve out the middle of the pickle to stuff the candy inside